Life and Business Coaching for Women

Hi, I’m Sharon, I am a certified Life and Business Coach. I am also a wife and a mother of two precious children, wildlife enthusiast, dark chocolate lover, avid reader and life-long learner! I am passionate about Life and Business Coaching, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.

Years ago, when my children were still quite young, I attended a one-day parenting workshop. The aim of the workshop was to “be the change” you want to see in your kids. For me, that meant being calm, happy, content and relaxed and having a peaceful, loving atmosphere at home. This workshop changed my life! It resonated with me and helped me so much that I decided I would like to do the same for other people and that was the start of my journey to become a Life Coach. I enrolled in a course and here I am today – ready to help you! I know all about the challenges of starting and running a business as I have lived it myself. It can be challenging to juggle the many different hats we women wear whilst trying to build a business and raise a family.

I started working mainly with women in the area of Personal Development. Later, I decided I also wanted to work with children so I enrolled in an Introductory Course in Child Psychology. (It’s not as short as you might think!) I offer Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Mindfulness for kids and teens between the ages of six and nineteen.

Since then I became a certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach. I assist female entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach their professional and business goals. If you are the owner of small business (1-15 employees) or an entrepreneur who wants to start or grow your business, business coaching can help you to achieve your goals. My mission is to draw out the skills and talents needed for you to reach your peak performance, excel in business and achieve your professional goals.

Added to that, I coach small companies or organizations in soft skills, namely emotional intelligence, assisting employees/teams to develop their strengths, increase their performance as a team and coach them in effective conflict resolution and problem-solving. I help facilitate the growth and development of employees through Emotional Intelligence coaching with a focus on developing people, increasing individual and team engagement and helping people to succeed personally and professionally by developing their strengths, emotional intelligence and thereby improving performance and productivity.

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My role as a Life Coach is to help you build the life you want for yourself. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and sometimes we don’t have any plans at all and find ourselves drifting through life, never really feeling fulfilled, happy or feeling that we are doing anything meaningful. Finding your purpose and following your dreams can seem out of reach BUT it is possible! With the help of a coach to guide, encourage, challenge and motivate you, you CAN have the life you want.

All it takes is the commitment to do whatever is necessary to reach your goal/s. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work paying off and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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I am a Certified Life and Business Coach, a registered member of COMENSA (Coaches & Mentors of South Africa) and adhere to the Code of Ethics as prescribed by COMENSA, with the following qualifications:

Diploma in Life Coaching

  • Obtained from Correspondence Training Academy
  • March 2014

Certificate in Child Psychology

  • Obtained from Skills Academy
  • May 2014

Diploma in Child Psychology

  • Obtained from Online Academy
  • April 2015

In addition, I have studied the following and obtained qualifications in :

Certificate with Distinction in NLP Level 4 (Intermediate to Advanced)

  • Obtained from E-Careers
  • July 2016

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Life Coach Certification

  • Obtained from Renaissance Life Therapies (UK)
  • December 2017

Certificate in Counseling Children and Adolescents

  • Obtained from Udemy
  • February 2018

Certificate of Achievement in Mindfulness for Teenagers Diploma Course

  • Obtained from KEW Training Academy Ltd (UK)
  • February 2018

Certificate in Professional Counseling Diploma Course

  • Obtained from KEW Training Academy Ltd – Accredited by CTAA
  • March 2018

Certificate in Life Story Coaching

  • Obtained from Transformation Academy
  • January 2020

    Certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship Coaching

    • Obtained from Transformation Academy
    • July 2020