Life and Business Coaching for Women

Here is what some of my clients whom I’ve helped make a difference in their lives are saying:

Before I started coaching I felt as though I was only a single mom trying to keep my head above water – but now I see that I’m a successful woman who’s lucky enough to be a single mom to benefit the best of my daughter. I never allowed myself to have dreams and goals because I felt I could only focus on my daughter and her well-being and future. Now I know that there things that I want for myself and I’m allowed to have dreams. I feel that I am stronger and more positive now that I was before I started. I’m looking forward to what 2014 has in store for me.

Leanne – Single Working Mom, Johannesburg

The first few months of self-discovery, goal searching and prioritisation was the most important part of the life coaching for me. Sharon graciously led me to self-discover and improve myself as a person. Finding my strengths and how I could use that in attaining my goal was an eye opener to me. Getting rid of the limiting beliefs about the business was also a milestone in my journey. The business got so many queries that we have appointments lined up like never before. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the part of their lives where they are making big decisions.

Mariska– Working mother of two, Midstream

Out of this process I have gained a lot of insight on who I am in this world and have gotten better clarity on how I would like my future to look like 1 year, 5 years and 10 years from now. I can’t thank Sharon enough for bringing back the spark in my life and dreams that I had lost while trying to be a responsible adult. I would truly recommend her especially to young professionals who are feeling stuck and miserable in the mundane routines of life and work.

Andi – (Female) Civil Engineer

Manhattan, New York

The workshop was great, I would definitely recommend it!

Lindsay– Working mom of two, Doringkloof

I found all the topics very relevant and as if it all was meant specifically for me. Thank you for an awesome, inspiring afternoon. You’ve opened my eyes!

Tracy– Working mom, Lyttelton

I found the workshop topics very relevant and practical. Thank you.

Diane– Mother of three, Centurion

As a small, but diverse company, Sharon’s hands on knowledge and insight assisted the company in various day-to-day communication problems between staff.

She addressed all performance issues including addressing conflict resolution, goal-setting, emotional intelligence, problem-solving processes, time-management and various team building disciplines.

A very positive spin-off resulting in improved employee engagement, job and team involvement, was a result of her patient and consistent individual coaching sessions essential for their personal well-being and problem solving ability, coaching individuals to regain confidence and balance in their personal lives.

Ms Piel is naturally compassionate, organized and well presented. She is highly recommended.

The Andcon Team – Andcon Electrical and Construction, Centurion

I was feeling very lost and unclear about the next steps I needed to take in my business.I wanted to gain clarity and direction as well as confidence (in myself and what I was doing). The coaching process was smooth and effective. I loved that you gave me new insights and strategies I had not considered before to push my business forward. I gained a lot of clarity, was able to reflect on my business holistically and then break it out into smaller actionable steps. I found myself meeting my own deadlines and in doing so obtaining more clients and putting myself out there more confidently.You were collaborative, informative and very helpful. I would definitely recommend you to others. 

Jaen Milton – Small business owner, Johannesburg